St Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs ticket pre-sale 2014!!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE GOT THE CARDINAL vs CUBS GAME ON AUGUST 30 2014!!!!!!!!!! The Travis Burkhart Foundation are pre-selling tickets to the August 30 2014 St Louis Cardinal vs Chicago Cubs game in St Louis at Busch Stadium. Game time is 6:15 p St Louis time. Tickets are in Sections 335, 337, 339, 341 & 342 and are values at $73-$75. We are selling them for $45 each. Wow now thats a bargain—-you are saving $28-$30 per ticket. And we are in the shade this year……Whoop Whoop:):) Seats are along the first base line. We also have a few handicap seats available this year also. Tickets are limited because this is a high demand game so hurry and get yours bought…….you don’t want to be left in Daviess County when all the action will be in St Louis:):) 

To purchase your tickets go to and pay with credit card (it will be like your making a donation but I will get an email with your name and address so I will keep track that way) or call Jennifer Blacketer Hadlock812-890-1486, Lyn May 812-598-0563, Doug May 812-598-0650, Mike Burkhart 812-257-4493 or Kim 812-257-4492. Call us if you have any questions:) 


If you are paying for your St Louis Cardinals/Chicago Cubs tickets online at The Travis Burkhart Foundation web site ( here are the instructions:

1) Make a payment for the amount of tickets you need multiplied by $45. The credit card tabs are in the top left hand part of your screen. It will look like your making a donation but I will know its for the game.

2) You will then fill out info such as name, address, city and state.

3) I will then get an email letting me know who donated with all their mailing info. By the amount of your payment I will know the number of tickets you are needing.

4) I will send you an email (if I have your email address) and confirm. If you want to you can send me an email to let me know you just made a payment for tickets (

5) I will drop them in the mail in early March when we receive the tickets.