Payment instructions for tickets and hotel info

If you are paying for your St Louis Cardinals/Atlanta Braves tickets online here are the instructions:

1) Make a payment for the amount of tickets you need multiplied by $35.

2) You will then fill out info such as name, address, city and state.

3) I will then get an email letting me know who donated with all their mailing info. By the amount of your payment I will know the number of tickets you are needing.

4) I will send you an email (if I have your email address) and confirm. If you want to you can send me an email to let me know you just made a payment for tickets (

5) I will drop them in the mail asap!

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Also the Hilton at the BallPark (across the street from Busch Stadium) is giving us a great deal on rooms. If you want the info just send me an email and I will get it to you:)