Some dreams do come true!

In three short days one of Travis’ dreams will come true. We had a long talk last night about all the blessings we have had during this journey the past 5 years. Fighting back from a TBI is a difficult and lonely climb but he is staying focused and his determination and will to recover are so strong. He NEVER complains about all that he has lost, all the therapy he has to do or about all of the people who are no longer in his life. He simply looks forward and continues to face each day at a time. We talked about his experience moments after the wreck and each time he tells me I have the same reaction. Its incredible to hear his faith and to hear him talk about that moment in time. He does have his moments though where he might not say the right thing but that happens to all of us. He doesn’t ask for much so anytime we can do/give him something special we do our best to make it happen. He has visited and had a personal tour or the UT Football stadium and now he will get to be on the field at Busch Stadium with his brothers, sister, Dad and me. He has been waiting for 8 months for this weekend. He continues to have dreams of places he wants to go and people he would love to meet…and I am sure in time all his dreams will come to be:) I am so exceptionally proud of all my children and who they are as adults. To all of you who will be there this weekend Thank you so much for supporting The Travis Burkhart Foundation. Without our board members and our event participants this foundation would not be the success that it is. We have touched so many lives and have been able to assist over 70 families in our community and the more the foundation grows the more help the foundation will be able to give. All proceeds, 100%, goes directly to people in the community, Travis receives nothing. It’s our turn to give back:) I can only speak for my family but we feel honored to have the support of this incredible community and are very proud to be a part of it. Life is good it truly is:)