Update on Travis

I wanted to update everyone on Travis’ appointment he had yesterday in Indy with the new doctor. She was very impressed with him and his recovery so far. She said the key is to keep doing therapy so everything will come back! She was impressed with everything we have done so far and said to keep it up! So here’s something I need from you if you are willing to help:) She brought up a new therapy that is in Indy. It is Advanced Robotic Therapy …. a neuro feedback therapy. We need prayers that insurance will allow him to receive this therapy and that we will be referred to this awesome program! This has the potential of thrusting him forward a great deal!! Please pray that God opens the doors wide for Travis!! Travis doesn’t ask for much but when you ask him what he wants he will tell you , “there are a couple of people I would love to meet (Tim Tebow & Kevin Durant are a couple of them) , but mostly to have my life back”! This therapy could do just that if Medicare doesn’t fail us:(