"ViSalus 90 Day Challenge"

COME JOIN US IN OUR NEW ADVENTURE!! You are NEVER too old or too young or too healthly! Whatever your personal goal is we want to help you achieve it! I believe Travis recovered as well as he has because of God and he was the healthiest he  had ever been in his life. And that physical condition helped him endure and overcome all that he has and has yet to. Come on and get healthy with us! By joining with us you are not only helping yourself but you are helping others through our foundation. So if your gonna do it make it “twice” the benefit:)

“The Travis Burkhart Foundation” is pleased to announce that we are now promoting Visalus also known as the Body Bi Vi 90 day Challenge. Our family has decided to start our 90 day challenge promoting better health for us, along with helping others to be healthy. We would love for you to join the challenge with us and 100% of our commissions will go toward the foundation. This is awesome in so many ways because not only are we helping our health but we can help yours too! There is a kit for everyone ages four and up! Visalus has a great 3 for FREE program that can help you get your product for free! For more information about this Amazing Product/Company go to www.overview.visalus.com and to start your 90 Challenge go towww.travisburkhartfoundation.bodybyvi.com if you have any questions please feel free to email us back or call us. Representatives will be at “Steps for Hope” if you would like to talk with them and learn more about this amazing product. This is a great way to help yourself and “help us help others”!