Letter from Pastor George Johnson

Pastor George Johnson was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer in 2008 at which time they doctors removed a 56 lb tumor from Pastor Johnson. In May of this year it was discovered he had another tumor. This tumor weighed 15 lbs. after this surgery complications arose and Pastor Johnson had to be on a ventilator and kidney dialysis. During this time our family encountered many financial struggles. When we returned home we applied to the Travis Burkhart Foundation for assistance and received help. The Lord has toughed and is contuining to heal Pastor Johnson. None of us ever want to go through heartache or see one of our loved ones suffer. Through the Burkhart’s family tragic accident with Travis and our family’s struggles The Lord has been able to work through these horrific times and heartaches. Thanks so much to the Travis Burkhart Foundation for allowing God to use this time in their life to reach out to help others facing difficult times.