Brittaney Ewing

(card received)


Thanks for coming up to me at RHI in Indy.  I’m so glad I got to meet Travis and see how well he is doing.  You are both an inspiration to me.  My Great-Niece, Brittaney Ewing,  was in an accident January 12, 2011.  She hit black ice on her way to school after a two hour delay.  She is a Senior.  She hit a telephone pole and is still in a coma and we just moved her yesterday to Windsor Estates nursing home in Kokomo, Indiana until she comes out of the coma and starts responding.  She has been through 5 surgeries on her brain and was doing better before they put the bone flap back on April 29, 2011.  She has had so many complications and infections.  Everytime she starts to improve, something else happens.  People don’t realize what the family goes through on a daily basis unless you have been through it yourself.  You and Travis really made me feel better and gave me hope for Brittaney.  I would love to be updated on how Travis is doing and you can leave a message at, if you want.  I’m Aunt Pam on there.  Or my email is  Thanks again.  It was sooo nice talking to you!  Good Luck to all of you!   I will keep you and your family and friends in my prayers. 

Pam Hug