Meeting Tim Tebow!

Wow! What an incredible weekend we had at TPC Sawgrass in Jacksonville Florida! Travis finally got to meet a great inspiration to him, Tim Tebow. This young man is one of the nicest and kindest men we have ever met. He is everything he says he is, he truly cares about people. Thanks Tim and your foundation staff for a great memory:):)

Weekend in Atlanta!

This weekend we were invited to Atlanta by a family who is working at making a difference in this world. We had never met them but now that we have we feel blessed to call them our friends. Their daughter, Cindy Donald, was involved in an accident at home that left her paralyzed from the neck down. They like us have tried to turn tragedy into something that can help others. They are doing amazing things with their Dreams of Recovery Foundation.

Please check out their web site and read about the lives they are changing. 

Here we are with Atlanta Braves Manager Freddi Gonzales this past weekend in Atlanta at his golf tournament for the Cindy Donald Dreams of Recovery Foundation. Travis and him have a special connection, kinda hard to explain but he was always looking or asking where Travis was. True and genuine man:):)

We also stopped by to check out Project Walk of Atlanta, wow that place was neat. All kinds of equipment that I had never seen....pretty cool stuff!! They also have a web site you can look up. So if anyone has a few hundred thousand dollars just burning a hole in their pocket let me know....I would love to open one of these facilities up here in Indiana:):)


My Shirt Story

Really neat project that a student at IUPUI is doing. It called “My Shirt Story”. This display will be available for viewing in the IUPUI Library for the next year. Many were asked to submit a shirt that represented an important part of their life, Travis submitted three of his event shirts. They are on page 5 and are numbers 133, 134 & 135. Thank you for including us in your awesome project.

St Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs ticket pre-sale 2014!!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE GOT THE CARDINAL vs CUBS GAME ON AUGUST 30 2014!!!!!!!!!! The Travis Burkhart Foundation are pre-selling tickets to the August 30 2014 St Louis Cardinal vs Chicago Cubs game in St Louis at Busch Stadium. Game time is 6:15 p St Louis time. Tickets are in Sections 335, 337, 339, 341 & 342 and are values at $73-$75. We are selling them for $45 each.