The Travis Burkhart Foundation, a non profit organization, is committed to responsible stewardship of the donations we receive. All donations received, minus minimal administrative costs, go directly back into the community to assist those in need.

"We strive to bring hope and support to those facing a sudden or prolonged injury, illness or diagnosis."

Why the foundation was started.

The Travis Burkhart Foundation was started to help those in need the same way we were helped when we were in need. We have felt and seen incredible support in the days since Travis' accident and this is our way of giving back and paying that kindness forward. We want as many families as possible to feel the support that we did. 

Who we are.

We are average every day people. We are accountants, businessmen, farmers, managers, and families. In the simplest way we are people looking to make a difference in our small corner of the world. We are people who have been through and seen people go through tough times, but also seen how support can make such a positive effect in those times.

What we do.

We look to help those that are going through struggles due to an illness, injury or diagnosis. We provide support in the form of monetary aid, food, and information. We know all to well that bills and expenses can quickly stack up and the monetary aid or even something simple like meals can help alleviate the strain. We have seen a lot, been through a lot, and we want to share the information we have gained along the way.

Who we help.

Those in our area that have encountered hardship due to an unforeseen illness, accident or diagnosis and need a little assistance. We look to help those that are going through a difficult medical circumstance and we try and pick up where insurance ends. 

Where the money comes from and where it goes.

All proceeds come from donors, sponsors, grants, and profits from the annual events we hold. With our event staff and board members all being volunteers this allows us to maximize our profits. All net profits go to assistance requests.